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180+bhp all steel hillclimb 1700 X-Flow


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To make way for an exciting new motor, I have going spare a genuine Connaught 1700 x-flow from my Mallock. This is an absolutely complete installation, including all dry sump equipment, twin plate Quartermaster clutch, 45 Webers with spare jets and chokes, DTA ignition with all sensors and loom (can be used for FI), and beautiful 4-1 Tony Law exhaust system with re-packable stainless silencer.


All steel (Farndon) Omega pistons, Connaught's own grind cam.


Head has just been refurbished by Peter Burgess (author of "How to Modify Cylinder Heads"- Speedpro)and has new bronze guides and new inlet valves and even better porting than before!


I'm currently re-blocking and re-ringing as there is a slight wear ridge at top of bores. Will be completely rebuilt for any purchaser.


I'm looking for not less than £2000 to include absolutely everthing! I have dyno sheets to prove power output. This engine powered the Mallock to many FTDs, and won it's class in the CCC championship 2000.


Anyone interested?




ps. also have a short case straight cut Bullet gearbox.

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Peter Burgess is based in Alfreton Derbyshire. The work was not expensive, and the quality is beyond question. Shawn is an artist with a die grinder, and they manufacture their own bronze guides.

They are all "larger than life" characters, and the workshop is a little untidy, but in my opinion (and I've seen a lot of so -called head experts) their's are the best heads around.( and they're half the price of a Holbay)




tel. 01773 520021




ps. They have a website but can't remember URL. Do a search on Peter Burgess.



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