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DCOE jetting for standard Vx 2.0 xe


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I have just stripped , cleaned etc a pair of 45 DCOE's for use on a standard spec. VX 16v. I have looked at Dave Andrews jetting programme and Des Hamill's 'Tune your webers book' and the both differ in their recommendations. I plan to run 36 chokes but everyting else is up for dicussion. I would like the engine to have good performance for the road and be easy to drive with lots of flexibility.


Many thanks in advance for suggestions before I shell out more cash.

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As a starting point try:-


Choke 36mm

Main 145

ET F16 or F11

Air 155

Idle 60F8

Pump 35 (yes I know this seems small, but it usually works well).


In addition, you will probably need to machine an extra progression hole. If you end up with a nasty flat spot on very light throttle at lower revs, this is probably the problem.


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