Throckmorton 2016

Throckmorton Handling Day – (at Throckmorton Airfield, between Stratford upon Avon and Worcester)

Date: Saturday 25th June 2016.

Building on the success of the last two years, the Worcestershire area has once again arranged for us to take over this great facility. This former RAF site has a runway layout which provides a gigantic area of tarmac that will become a playground for the day where participants will be able to test their cars’ performance and handling to the limits, in a safe environment.

The plan is to make best use of the expanse of tarmac in a variety of ways, including setting up:

• Slalom course – explore the buzz of whistling around the course with just a few strategically placed cones for company

• Drift area – it may look easy to “hold the back out” when you see the pros do it, but now it’s your turn to find out…

• Standing 1/4km - Who needs launch control? Practice the perfect getaway as you blast down the track.

Catering will be available on the day so there will be no need to leave the venue other than to occasionally top up the Sevens’ fuel tanks.

Event Pricing:

Entry to the event, including full access to the driving activities is priced at £25 for a car and one driver. Additional drivers can share a car for £10. Passengers and other spectators are welcome to attend for £5, and under 16s are free.

Please Note: To keep event costs as low as possible, we will be asking that all attendees be willing to also participate in at least 1hr of marshalling to help ensure that the event runs smoothly and that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the activities. It’s actually a fun part of the day, and a great opportunity to gain a different perspective on the driving events (and to pick up useful hints so you can do even better when your time to drive comes around again!)

Booking Form:

The booking form is enclosed in March's LF, or can be downloaded from here