London (West) and Middlesex Area Meeting at the Ace Cafe

The London (West) and Middlesex Area will meet at the Ace Cafe on Tuesday 9 September in the early evening.

Calling all Club members in west and north-west London together with surrounding areas, all the way out to the M25 and a little beyond. Join other Seven enthusiasts at the only London meeting where cars are welcome!
The Ace Cafe is one of those essential locations for those who are enthusiastic about cars or bikes and it has a fine reputation for music too. But it is the motoring connection which concerns us, our monthly Club night coincides with its classic car night and the meeting of the Sprite & Midget Club. Particularly during the long evenings and fine weather of the summer there is a delightful mix of cars in wonderful diversity, mostly of stunning condition. You might describe it as a tyre-kickers’ delight!

Subsequent meetings will be on 14 October, 11 November and subsequent second Tuesdays each month.