The Big Picnic

National Event
Sat 3rd Sep 2022

The Club is pleased to announce that, thanks to the kind generosity of member Brian Searle, the Club will be holding The Big Picnic, on Saturday, 3rd September.

The event will be held in the grounds of Club member, Brian Searle’s home, the Ashton Hayes Estate, at Kelsall, 7 miles from Chester, in aid of the Club’s charity, Prostate Cancer Research (PCR). Brian has kindly offered the Club the use of the grounds for Club members and their families for The Big Picnic. There is parking for a maximum of 200 vehicles. Members are free to bring their own food and refreshments, whilst the Club will be making teas, coffees and squash available.

The Club has planned activities for those who wish to participate. Local members are also arranging a blat for the following morning, and on the following Tuesday is the Club’s Oulton Park trackday, just 5 miles away. This event is intended to raise funds for our charity, PCR, so we are leaving it entirely up to you to decide how much to pay for your ticket for yourself and those accompanying you.