17 - 23 August 2022: Black Forest - Schötz - Dream Valley - Vosges/Black Forest 2022

Visit Kumschick - Schötz
Wed 17th Aug 2022 to Tue 23rd Aug 2022

The Caterham Summer Tour starts on 17.08. in Rheinhessen. We meet around noon and drive through the Black Forest to Nagold to the first hotel. In the evening we walk to the Italian restaurant Da Gino.

Day 2 sees us continuing through the Black Forest towards Auggen, to our regular hotel.

There we stay until 23.08. - except for the night 19/20, we take our toothbrush, visit Fredy Kumschick after an extensive tour on Friday and spend the night at the Campus Sursee.

On Saturday morning we drive with our friends from LSOS to the Dream Valley for brunch and start again towards Auggen around 14:00.

Sunday and Monday we plan to do some more extensive tours through the Vosges and/or the Black Forest before we start back home on Tuesday, 23.08.

We will try to accommodate all participants in the hotels already booked, if necessary we will look for adjacent hotels.