Anglesey National Circuit - Twin Lap

Class 1 Records

Robert Jaconbs
Richard Abraham

Class 2 Records

Andrew Willoughby
Chris Bramall

Class 3 Records

Richard Price
Graham Wardall

Class 4 Records

Nigel Fox
Jeremy Davies

Class 5 Records

James Thornton

Class 6 Records

Shaun Elwell

Class 7 Records

Simon Rogers

Historical Results

The Anglesey circuit (Trac Mon in the local language) is in a beautiful coastal location with great views across the Irish Sea to Snowdonia. Make sure that you appreciate these when you walk the course because you won't see much of it when you get out there in anger - if you do, you aren't going fast enough!

For 2015 this is now a twin lap of the National course which is a 2.1 miles long and offers a technical challenge, particularly round Rocket, and a decent straight to get a bit of speed up. The track itself is very wide and the surface excellent - grippy in the dry but it has been known to be a bit wet in these parts!




StartThe entrance is located in the NW corner of the paddock (near the wind turbine) and there is plenty room for lining up in number order. It is usually well announced and marshalled – no tyre warming allowed.
SchoolFairly straightforward with a late turn and very late apex. Don't run too wide on the exit because you will need to be on the right of the track for the first part of Rocket.
Rocket 1A tricky section, you will approach uphill so braking can be quite late (although you will be going nowhere near as fast as on the Sunday) with turn-in about 2/3 along the kerb and before the crest. There is a fairly obvious apex but the hard part is preventing the car drifting too wide on the exit. Trying to carry too much speed through here will mean that you find yourself too far to the right for the next part of the corner.
Rocket 2A very late apex means that it is beneficial to be as far to the left as possible (not easy to achieve) with a late turn-in. Don’t get on the power too early but you should be hard on it at the apex, letting the car drift wide on the exit
PeelAnother fairly late turn-in just after some "A" marks on the road (if you can see them) with a very late apex beyond the end of the kerb. Keep it smooth and it is possible to accelerate hard on the exit, using the full width of the track.
SeamansDownhill and off camber, but it is very important to get a good exit for the long straight that follows. Brake before the corner board; turn in after it and apex at the end of the kerb - getting the power on as early as possible. If you succeed in this, you will need all of the ample track width on the exit to Tom Pryce Straight.
The HairpinBraking is tricky because of the high speed and lack of reference points. There is plenty of run-off but, with the Finish just round the corner, you can't afford to be wasting  time drifting wide. The classic hairpin line of late entry and exit, and powering out, is probably the most sensible but speed along the next straight is irrelevant whereas getting round the corner quickly is important!