Uffington White Horse Car Show stand


28/29 August 2106

The village of Uffington, beautifully placed between Swindon and Oxford will hold its annual White Horse* Show over 28/29 August. It is a great show and for a village event punches way above its weight in ambition and scope. Every year there is an historic and classic motorbike stand. The organisers would love to see a Caterham Seven stand and are very keen for cars to attend; my Seven will be there. Time is short as the deadline for entries has passed, but late Seven entries are still very welcome. They would join the other 165 plus vehicles. The registration details are at: 

http://www.whitehorseshow.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Staionary-Engine-Booking-Form.pdf (It gives the driver and the passenger free access to the show)

Event Details:  http://www.whitehorseshow.co.uk

Please contact Callum Skeat for any local knowledge. His contact details are in the event listing here.

(Please note that car/motorbike exhibitors do not require the 3rd party liability certificate mentioned, just a street legal wagon)

*    http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/white-horse-hill