By Conneely 16th Feb 2007 - 13:22
Regulations for the Lotus Seven Club's speed championship, covering 15 rounds at venues from Shelsley Walsh, Harewood and the 50<sup>th</sup> anniversary celebrations at Hethel.
By Anonymous 16th Oct 2006 - 22:41
The 2006 Speed Championship Awards lunch and Technical Forum will be held at the Donington Grand Prix Collection on Sunday 19th Novenber 2006.  There's a booking form too
By Anonymous 1st Jan 2006 - 01:04
What's this sprinting lark then?
By Anonymous 1st Jan 2006 - 00:34
Let's ensure you get the basics done so that you can get out there and enjoy yourself&nbsp;
By Conneely 31st Oct 2005 - 12:26

2005 OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS AFTER 13 ROUNDS (7 out of 13 rounds count)