By Mcalvert 3rd Dec 2015 - 22:51

What better way to show your passion for that ‘silly little car’ than by wearing the latest offerings from the Lotus Seven Club Regalia range?

By Anonymous 18th Jul 2007 - 18:07
Please note that Regalia sales will be closing at the end of Friday 20th July until 1st August while we transfer the Club Regalia scheme from Dowlis to new partners BTC Group.
By Anonymous 9th Mar 2007 - 23:19
Prices for the new car stickers are confirmed as quoted in March''s Low Flying. Item descriptions have been updated accordingly. The new Order Form will be uploaded ASAP....
By Anonymous 3rd Mar 2007 - 17:01
The new car stickers featured in the March issue of Low Flying are in production and will be in stock shortly. Photos of the cut vinyl club name, logo and web address and 50th Anniversary sticker have been uploaded along with a preview of the helmet visor sticker.
By Anonymous 1st Dec 2006 - 08:00
Photos and descriptions of the new Regalia items are now up on the Regalia page, all of which are now in stock (with the exception of the umbrella which won't be available until January). The order form has been updated, but careful at the moment it's a bit big at 4mb
By Anonymous 21st Oct 2006 - 09:32
Next weekend Dowlis are moving their order processing over to a new system which will mean a slight delay to Regalia orders received during the changeover.
By Anonymous 17th Sep 2006 - 17:43
The Club Buffs will be in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Sorry for the delay, the Spanish factory had a 6 week shutdown over the summer.
By Anonymous 30th Jul 2005 - 22:36


Dowlis are in the process of relocating their warehouse, consequently, regalia orders might not be fulfilled quite as quickly as usual.