Preparing for Competition

This short article attempts to list the key items that all drivers and their cars must comply with to enter a Lotus 7 Club speed event. Licence - You will require a licence from the MSA in order to compete at these events and the minimum grade acceptable is a Non-Race National B. You do not currently need to take a test for this it is simply a matter of applying - 2006 Blue book page 46 on. You can get a licence application form from:

Motor Sports Association
Motor Sports House
Riverside Park
Slough SL3 0HG
Tel: 01753 765000

The licence usually takes 3 weeks or thereabouts so don't leave it until the last minute! Remember that this licence will allow you to take part in other Clubs' speed events around the country. Don’t forget to sign the licence, attach a photograph and bring it to the event – there is an automatic MSA £40 fine for a competitor forgetting the licence – 2006 Blue Book p57 E.2.17.1

Oil catch tank – 2006 Blue book p174 L.10.3.5 (NEEDED) Supplier: Caterham. This can be the plastic 1 litre windscreen washer bottle that is fitted as standard to Sevens! This is not required on K Series cars fitted with the standard manufacturers plenum and wet sump

Fire extinguisher - 2006 Blue book p171 L.10.1.4 (NOT NEEDED BUT RECOMMENDED) - 2.25l is now recommended for plumbed in systems. (See 2006 Blue book page 236 Q3.1.2a onwards for further advice if you decide to fit one) Supplier: Demon Tweeks/Caterham/Grand Prix Racewear. Battery cut off switch - 2006 Blue book p171 L.10.6.3 (not needed if car is licensed for the road and running in a road legal condition - but recommended). See 2006 Blue book page 238 Q.8 if you decide to fit one.

Helmet (NEEDED – with MSA approval sticker affixed) - 2006 Blue book page 238 Q.10 Supplier: Demon Tweeks/Grand Prix Racewear. If you do not have an MSA sticker this can be purchased from a scruitineer for the princely sum of £1.00.

Overalls (NEEDED - clean, flame resistant, made from Nomex 111 or Proban treated materials) – 2006 Blue book page 238 Q.9 Supplier: Demon Tweeks/Caterham/Grand Prix Racewear

Timing Strut (NEEDED) 2006 Blue book p 172 L.10.9.1 Supplier: Caterham/James Whiting or we can send you a template to make your own when we receive your entry form with the relevant box ticked.

Competition Numbers - (NEEDED) can be cut from sticky back plastic (white for a dark coloured car - black for a light coloured car) - 2006 Blue book page 66 E.11.3.11 Supplier: Demon Tweeks/Grand Prix Racewear.

Roll over Bar or Roll Over Cage - (NEEDED) The Lotus Seven Club insist that all cars must be equipped with at least a roll over bar of the type known as the Caterham FIA roll bar for all speed events and trackdays. The ‘petty strut’ diagonal bar should ideally also be used with a Caterham FIA roll bar. Clearly a Caterham FIA approved roll over cage provides greater protection. Supplier: Caterham Cars. See 2006 Blue book page 230 Q.1 for technical description of other acceptable types. Under no circumstances is the Caterham standard roll over bar acceptable for Lotus Seven Club organised speed events and trackdays. Note: You may find that at other non-Lotus Seven Club events that running without a roll over bar is acceptable, or that the standard type is allowed.

Tyres - As appropriate to your class and as described in the supplementary regulations (which you will be given before you apply for an entry to the event) Details of list 1a and 1b tyres can be found in the Blue book on page 260 R.3.1.1-2.

Seat Belts (NEEDED) - 2006 Blue book page 171 L10.1.2. Standard 3 point is accepted by the MSA but 4 point or more is strongly recommended by the Club. You will find that a 4 or 6-point belt holds you far more securely and enables you to drive at speed with more confidence.

Throttle return springs (NEEDED) - 2006 Blue book page 67 E.12.4.2. A separate external throttle return spring for each part of the throttle is required. For cars with twin webers this means two external springs, one fitted to each throttle spindle. For cars fitted with single throttle bodies and a plenum, eg standard K series cars, this means a single external spring but as this is normally already fitted as standard then nothing additional is required. For cars fitted with individual or pairs of throttle bodies or roller barrel throttles, eg SLR or R500’s, this means a separate external spring for each throttle body or pair of throttle bodies. Again these are normally fitted as standard so nothing additional is required.

Head Restraints (NEEDED) – 2006 Blue Book page 171 L.10.1.3. And Q.13 The head restraints on 1996 onwards cloth/leather seats do meet these requirements – but check that you are comfortable when seated with a helmet on. All Tillet seats should be used with a head restraint bracket/kit mounted behind the headrest portion of the seat. For all other seats a head restraint bracket/kit will need to be purchased from Caterham or fabricated. When using the Caterham head restraint kits it is strongly recommended that they are padded using high-density foam similar to that used for roll bar padding. This is available from Demon Tweeks/Grand Prix Racewear, amongst many others.

Please note that the above information is intended as a guide only. You must verify it with your own copy of the Blue book that will be sent to you free of charge with your MSA license.

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact Mark Durrant, the clubs Competition Secretary (contact details are in Lowflying). The suppliers mentioned herein are by no means the only sources and are listed as starting points only. Refer to Low Flying advertisers for other sources.

The suppliers mentioned herein are by no means the only sources and are listed as starting points only. Refer to Low Flying advertisers for other sources.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Caterham Cars 01322 625801 (Parts)
James Whiting 01784 241466
Demon Tweeks 01978 664466
Grand Prix Racewear 08701 600950