Change of Regalia Supplier

Over time as our initial contacts moved on from Dowlis it became clear that what had started out of their personal enthusiasm had become something that didn’t really fit with Dowlis’ business any more. Like most other merchandise companies their core business is B2B and they are used to fulfilling large orders directly with companies rather than operating a mail order business sending small quantities out to individuals.

BTC is the largest privately owned promotional merchandise and clothing supplier in the UK. Established in 1977, they have 55 full time employees and are based in Hayes near Heathrow. BTC has a unique 30,000sq ft factory where they have a design studio and their own facilities for all manner of embroidery, printing and engraving. Having these facilities in-house means greater flexibility over the size of production runs and much faster turnaround.

Other BTC customers include the AA, McDonalds, BBC and Argos. In the company of such big names you would be forgiven for worrying that the club be a small fish in a rather large pond. Fear not, for our business will be in the very capable and dedicated hands of Liz Newton, who some of you may remember from Dowlis. The main point of contact for members will be Suzie Vincent.

A similar announcement will also appear in August's Low Flying along with an updated order form with the BTC contact details on. Prices remain unchanged.

Regalia will continue to be available at events from the new support vehicle and hopefully the new arrangement with BTC will sort out some of the problems that we have had recently with the van running out of stock of certain items.

Apologies for any inconvenience. If you want any Regalia in the next couple of weeks make sure you get an order over to Dowlis before Friday!