By Anonymous 26th Sep 2011 - 14:00

News Release - 

  • Company to be responsible for new road cars and more
  • Shared technologies with Formula One and motorsport operations
By Anonymous 14th Sep 2010 - 09:25

High Resolution aerial pictures from our rally to honour Caterham Cars' founder Graham Nearn now online here: /blogs/graham-nearn-blat-hires-picture-gallery

By Anonymous 10th Sep 2010 - 00:44

A great time was had by all, here's a selection of photographs from our Memorial Blat to Stow Maries in remembrance of Graham Nearn.

By Anonymous 25th Oct 2009 - 10:50

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Graham Nearn on 24th October.  We offer our condolences to his family and to his many friends at Caterham Cars and beyond.

By Anonymous 5th Nov 2008 - 09:00
In a world first, the next model to be produced by Caterham Cars will be created online by the public.<br /><br />In collaboration with Project Splitwheel (, the manufacturer of the legendary Seven is offering every car enthusiast, irrespective of any engineering skill, design experience or mechanical ability, a dream opportunity to design an all-new sports car.
By Admin 14th May 2008 - 08:47
<p><span>To commemorate 15 years of the Caterham Driving Experience days, Caterham have released a high-spec limited edition replica of the tyre-smoking cars at an irresistible price...</span></p>
By Anonymous 27th Oct 2006 - 12:50
<p>Dear All,</p> <p>Recently a dedion tube failed during an Academy race. The end plate sheared off from the main tube, resulting in a rear wheel becoming detached and consequently some damage to the car.</p>
By Admin 11th Oct 2006 - 12:24
From Caterham Cars:

To improve the current traffic situation in delightful Dartford, Kennet Road is temporarily becoming one-way. We are told that this will mean no more traffic lights at the end of the road, whilst they build the roundabout that will ultimately be there.