The Club Buffs will be in stock on Tuesday or Wednesday this week laugh yes Sorry for the delay, the Spanish factory had a 6 week shutdown over the summer.

For those that don't know what a Buff is, it's a stretchy tube that can be worn as a neck scarf and all variety of headgear... There's a great video on their website in Quicktime and RealPlayer formats laugh

We got them to make 2 custom designs for the Club:



Buff sell their other designs on their website at £10.99 plus £2.50 P&P. The club Buffs are a bargain £9.50 plus P&P.

If ordering with other Regalia items normal P&P prices will apply, however if ordering just Buffs the postage will be cheaper as they are quite light: 94p for 1, £1.20 for 2, then an extra 40p for each additional one.

The updated Regalia order form can be downloaded HERE

There will be 100 of each colour in the first batch. Please note that expressions of interest on the previous threads don't count as orders as we don't have addresses or payment, so you'll need to order via Dowlis the usual Regalia way yes