By Anonymous 16th Feb 2006 - 22:34
<strong><em>After reading the recent article on speed cameras in &lsquo;The Sunday Times&rsquo;, Hugh once more becomes incensed at the way in which we have sat idly by over the last ten years, silently allowing successive governments to intrude into our lives to the extent that, if the rate at which electronic and satellite technology is being used to control us continues unabated, we will indeed be living an Orwellian existence. <br /><br />He just hopes that when the time comes for us to form an orderly queue for the implantation of our identification &lsquo;tag&rsquo;, his motoring days will be shadowed by the mists of time and his steering wheel will reside atop the mantle, gathering dust at the &lsquo;Cadwell Park Home for Elderly Motorists&rsquo;.</em></strong>