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By Northantsbedsbucks AR 1st Dec 2022 - 10:14

Silverstone Festival 2023: the world’s largest historic motorsport weekend

Update at 13.00 1st December 2022.

The Silverstone Tickets are on sale NOW! 

By Purplemeanie 9th Nov 2022 - 20:22

The Club held its second AGM by Zoom on Sunday 6th November 2022. Members who attended were able to see presentations from the Chair and the Treasurer. The General Secretary also announced the results of the elections for vacant director positions.

By Mcalvert 3rd Nov 2022 - 18:45

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By Mcalvert 30th Sep 2022 - 13:26

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By Comp Sec 26th Sep 2022 - 18:10

By Mcalvert 21st Sep 2022 - 09:22

Caterham® has revealed Super Seven 600 and Super Seven 2000

By The Chair 9th Sep 2022 - 15:19

As a mark of respect and tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Caterham and Lotus 7 Club will be 'flying' a black and white logo for the duration of the period of national mourning following the sad news announced yesterday.

By Mcalvert 2nd Sep 2022 - 13:15

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