News - 2006

By Anonymous 2nd Dec 2006 - 22:46
<h2>Silverstone 2006 &ndash; lunchtime parade lap</h2> <p> Will the kind chap in the very pretty spanking new CSR who gave Melissa Houston a lift in the lunchtime parade lap please step forward and make yourself known. Melissa was so excited by it all she didn&rsquo;t get your name and would like to drop you a note to thank you. Please contact Melissa on <a href=""></a>, </p> <p>and now for November's Contributions...</p>
By Steve Winterberg 1st Dec 2006 - 09:00
<strong>In this issue:</strong> <p> Another slice of life from the fridge door : News and events : New Club regalia items : Members' tales... an ambition fulfilled, and a memorable first endurance race : Sevens at your service... low flying hens, and the tale of the Prisoner and the Queen : Portfolio : Area antics : Junior Seven enthusiasts : The Lotus Seven Club speed championship : Nuke-the-Leuk news : Area directory : Classified advertisements : Diary of events</p>
By Anonymous 1st Dec 2006 - 08:00
Photos and descriptions of the new Regalia items are now up on the Regalia page, all of which are now in stock (with the exception of the umbrella which won't be available until January). The order form has been updated, but careful at the moment it's a bit big at 4mb
By Anonymous 22nd Nov 2006 - 18:32

It is with regret and sadness that we record the passing of Gilbert 'Mac' McIntosh, one of the architects of the Lotus Seven, on 20th November 2006.  Mac was one of the small team that, with Colin Chapman, developed chassis based on calculations of stress rather than what looked right.

By Anonymous 6th Nov 2006 - 22:07
This Monh's contributions...
By Steve Winterberg 5th Nov 2006 - 08:00
In this issue...
By Anonymous 27th Oct 2006 - 12:50
<p>Dear All,</p> <p>Recently a dedion tube failed during an Academy race. The end plate sheared off from the main tube, resulting in a rear wheel becoming detached and consequently some damage to the car.</p>
By Anonymous 21st Oct 2006 - 09:32
Next weekend Dowlis are moving their order processing over to a new system which will mean a slight delay to Regalia orders received during the changeover.