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Windscreen wipers that work

Windscreen wipers for Sevens that really work

Bob Crain introduces a DIY project that will appeal to members who are keen hobby machinists

Removing and re-installing a Duratec engine and 6-speed gearbox

In August 2021, on my way to Jon Vicker’s annual BBQ at Millwood, my gearbox began playing up badly.  I was finding it increasingly difficult to change down, especially from 6th to 5th and 5th to 4th.  Clearly something needed to be done.  Discussing the problem with Phil Stewart of Road and Race Transmissions (near Sevenoaks, Ken

Avon Tyre information

Avon Tyres have generously put together this document with tips on tyre pressures and temperatures and information about Avon tyres specifically for Caterham Sevens

Trailer Tyre pressure calculator

If you are struggling to work out the best tyre pressures for your trailer then you could try this link from a thread in Techtalk:


Building a Seven? - An action that should be prioritised before building up the engine bay.

Torque loading the front suspension upper & lower wishbone attachments.


This guide has three parts:
A: The range of speedos used in 7s (by Tony Whitley and John Vine)
B: Fixing electronic speedo problems (by John Vine)
C: Calibrating the electronic speedo (by John Vine)


Gearbox oil filler / dipstick modification

This a DIY version of the Quaife Type 9 top cover that I first saw on Guy Lowe's gearbox.  It makes it much easier to check and top up the gearbox oil level.

Detailed information on K-series EU2 Engine Loom

A little while ago I redrafted the Caterham K Series EU3 Wiring Diagram. Recently I have been involved with helping a number of people with EU2 engine wiring issues and have discovered several problems with the published K Series EU2 Wiring Diagram, some of which were common to the work I did on the EU3 loom.

Fuel Pump Diagnostics using an Oscilloscope

Whilst trying to track down a fuel pressure issue on my 1.8K Series VVC, I came across some interesting techniques you can use to diagnose the health of a fuel injection pump in situ with an oscilloscope.

LowFlying Archive

Archive copies of the clubs award winning LowFlying magazine are now available on-line in an easily searchable form.

Bolt List

List of bolt sizes and torques for various Caterham chassis

Detailed information on K-series EU3 Engine Loom

This article was written by Andrew Revill

K Series EU3 Engine Loom Wiring Diagram - Updated/Corrected

Having recently built a spare K-Series engine I had need to make an engine wiring loom from scratch. Working from the published Caterham K Series EU3 Wiring Diagram I found several problems:

Wiring diagrams for K series cars

Here are a number of wiring diagrams for K-series cars that you may find useful.

Torsional Vibration

When a car's engine idles smoothly at 800rpm, what speed is the crankshaft doing?

It's not 800rpm, except perhaps for a millisecond or two. The rev counter only reads 800rpm because it only registers an average value.

Powerflex Bushes

Bushes are an interesting subject.

In the first place all bushes must introduce compliance into the suspension and this is likely to introduce certain non-linearities which could cause problems or could be used to remove design w


Some notes on welding, brazing, bronze welding and electric welding by Chris Flavell



The answer to most electrical problems is to start by checking the earths in the car. The battery is usually connected to the engine by an earthing strap and the engine is separately connected to the car chassis by a further strap.

De-Dion or IRS

Many years ago, when it became apparent that the supply of new Ital axles would dry up, Caterham Cars were looking for alternatives. The development of the de Dion rear end was undertaken by Clive Roberts and Reg Price.