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Parts List/De Dion/Brakes And Pedals

List of brake and pedal parts for de-dion cars

Parts List/Live Axle/Brakes And Pedals

Parts List for Live Axle - Brakes And Pedals

Parts List/Live Axle/Chassis Body Unit Ancillaries/panels

Parts List for Live Axle - Chassis Body Unit Ancillaries plus aluminium panels

Powerflex Bushes

Bushes are an interesting subject.

In the first place all bushes must introduce compliance into the suspension and this is likely to introduce certain non-linearities which could cause problems or could be used to remove design w

Reducing weight on a Seven

What is the significance of reducing rotating mass versus stationary mass, when lightening your Se7en?


Newton's Second Law of Motion states: "Acceleration is proportional to force and inversely proportional to mass."


Remote oil pressure sender parts list

This Parts List details the items necessary to fit a mechanical oil pressure gauge and a low oil pressure warning light with an adjustable trigger pressure.

Removing and re-installing a Duratec engine and 6-speed gearbox

In August 2021, on my way to Jon Vicker’s annual BBQ at Millwood, my gearbox began playing up badly.  I was finding it increasingly difficult to change down, especially from 6th to 5th and 5th to 4th.  Clearly something needed to be done.  Discussing the problem with Phil Stewart of Road and Race Transmissions (near Sevenoaks, Ken

Rollover Bars

Only one thing to say here - FIA approved!

The standard roll bar as supplied by Caterham is substantially smaller gauge material, is attached to the car less firmly and, importantly, is so low that only those of much smaller stature will ever find their head un

Safety Notice - R-clips

From SimonLambert? at Caterham Cars on 24th December 2002:

Spark Plugs

The following is the NGK UK Website which list the appropriate Spark Plug for several different engines fitted to 7's:-


This guide has three parts:
A: The range of speedos used in 7s (by Tony Whitley and John Vine)
B: Fixing electronic speedo problems (by John Vine)
C: Calibrating the electronic speedo (by John Vine)


Torsional Vibration

When a car's engine idles smoothly at 800rpm, what speed is the crankshaft doing?

It's not 800rpm, except perhaps for a millisecond or two. The rev counter only reads 800rpm because it only registers an average value.

Trailer Tyre pressure calculator

If you are struggling to work out the best tyre pressures for your trailer then you could try this link from a thread in Techtalk:



Some notes on welding, brazing, bronze welding and electric welding by Chris Flavell