Titan limited slip unit overhaul

The Titan limited slip unit has some known issues including early wear rates or complete and catastrophic failure.

Maintaining the Quickshift gearlever

(From an article I wrote for the May 2020 edition of Low Flying.)  

Duratec R400: how to remove and replace a wet sump


This guide is based on myTechTalk thread "Duratec R400: removing/repairing/replacing wet sump"  (April 2016). 

Rover K Series Sump Foam Baffle Change


BMW Differential Titan limited slip unit - how to check & protect while in service.

Since 2010 the Seven has been fitted with a BMW differential containing a Titan limited slip unit either as standard or as an option. In service reliability since that date has been of considerable concern to owners.

Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link Maintenance

It is well known that the rear ARB drop link ball joints wear over time especially the lower joint. This maintenance procedure should hopefully extend the ball joint life significantly.

How to pre-load the Clutch Release Bearing (CRB) -- for cars with cable clutches

Note: I've based this guide on an article I wrote for Low Flying (August 2004).  It applies to cars with cable-operated clutches, and specifically K-series from around 1997 on.  



Time Vernier Cams

Cam Timing (Non Standard Cams with Vernier Pulleys)

When turning the crankshaft to TDC, always turn it in such a way that the movement of the pistons is minimised.

Re-calibrating the fuel gauge on pre-2015 Duratecs

Although this guide is aimed at pre-2015 Duratecs, it may also apply to most Sigma models, and probably the 160 too. 


Fitting a Track Day Rollover bar

The April 2016 edition of Lowflying contained an article covering the fitting of a trackday rollover bar to a Caterham Seven.

Replace the A-Frame bush

As the bolt heads are recessed at both sides where it attaches to the de dion tube and a fairly tight fit for a socket, I didn't seem to be able to find any of my metric sockets that would fit.

Changing a radiator fan control switch to an ECU controlled fan with a manual over ride switch.

Thanks to ben7 for creating this document and to Paul Deslandes and Jonathan Kay for their valuable input.

Adding VVC to an EU3 K Series Engine Wiring Loom

Adding VVC to an EU3 K Series Engine Wiring Loom

By Andrew Revill. With thanks to Alan Archer.

Front Hub - Lack of lubrication

Especially applies to factory build & home build cars. Also any Seven more than four years old that has no record of lubrication maintenance on the front hubs. Except for certain details applicable in part to <2003 stepped 'Triumph' stub axles

Tune Weber Carburettors

Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE carburettors

Removing K-series engine

I'm about to remove the engine/gearbox from my car for some work on the engine/clutch - I've a few questions below but any other useful tips greatly received:

Stop rear light corrosion

Rear Light Corrosion

Caterham rear lights always corrode on the inside as they cannot effectively be sealed. This is because they are trailer/caravan rear lights, but mounted upside down. As the drain holes are now at the top water gets in, especially if the car is used all year round.

How to adjust throttle bodies

Close the TBs completely and then adjust the balance mechanism so that both start to open at *exactly* the same time. open the throttle fully to make sure that all 4 plates are at the same angle when fully open to confirm they are in balance, it's often easier to see discrepancies when the throttle is fully open.

Assembly guide 2014

This is the assembly guide from 2014 and covers Sigma engined cars. 

Assembly Guide 2014

Change CRB Without Removing Engine

Stephen Grant/ Martin Woodham (with Top tip from Gareth Harrold) checklist for replacing Clutch Release Bearing without taking the engine out of the car.