Maintaining the Quickshift gearlever

(From an article I wrote for the May 2020 edition of Low Flying.)  

Re-calibrating the fuel gauge on pre-2015 Duratecs

Although this guide is aimed at pre-2015 Duratecs, it may also apply to most Sigma models, and probably the 160 too. 


Rear Anti Roll Bar Drop Link Maintenance

It is well known that the rear ARB drop link ball joints wear over time especially the lower joint. This maintenance procedure should hopefully extend the ball joint life significantly.

Removing K-series engine

I'm about to remove the engine/gearbox from my car for some work on the engine/clutch - I've a few questions below but any other useful tips greatly received:

Replace the A-Frame bush

As the bolt heads are recessed at both sides where it attaches to the de dion tube and a fairly tight fit for a socket, I didn't seem to be able to find any of my metric sockets that would fit.

Rover K Series Sump Foam Baffle Change


Stop rear light corrosion

Rear Light Corrosion

Caterham rear lights always corrode on the inside as they cannot effectively be sealed. This is because they are trailer/caravan rear lights, but mounted upside down. As the drain holes are now at the top water gets in, especially if the car is used all year round.

Stop the gauges from misting up


I get a build up of condensation on the inside of the faces of the fuel and temperature guages when I run my car. How can I prevent this?


Time Vernier Cams

Cam Timing (Non Standard Cams with Vernier Pulleys)

When turning the crankshaft to TDC, always turn it in such a way that the movement of the pistons is minimised.

Titan limited slip unit overhaul

The Titan limited slip unit has some known issues including early wear rates or complete and catastrophic failure.

Tune Weber Carburettors

Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE carburettors

Wire a starter button

The Following Applies to ALL ROVER K SERIES VARIANTS, 2001 ONWARDS (EU2 AND EU3)

The reason for this statement is that the wiring diagrams for the Start Button below match the wiring diagram for the above vehicles. The wiring diagrams below have been used and are known to work.