Getting started guides

Alternative Glossary

A tongue in cheek introduction to the language of the club

Build Blogs

Thanks to member dswhite for putting together this list of owner blogs. Most related to building their 7 but others about racing and other topics.

Buying a Seven

Hints and tips on buying a 7


Caterham Sevens are not excessively expensive cars, though over the years the search for higher and higher performance derivatives has pushed prices correspondingly higher.


General Hints and Tips

Will I fit? Car covers Theft concerns

Get To Know Your Seven

Welcome to Get To Know Your 7. This is a downloadable series of articles looking at the essentials of routine maintenance for your Seven. These first appeared in the Lotus Seven Club magazine ‘Lowflying’ between August 2010 and May 2011.

History of the Seven

A Potted History of the Seven Kindly written for by Eric McLoughlin.

Insuring a Seven

Insuring a 7 is nowhere near as expensive as you'd first imagine, especially when you bear in mind the performance available. Prices can start from as low as £100 per year, though the majority of people have premiums of between £2-300 per year.

Video/TV programs related to Caterham Cars

Links to TV programs/Videos related to Caterham Cars.