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Weber Alpha Software

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Does anybody know where I might be able to get hold of a copy of the Weber Alpha software as Weber's policy of not releasing it to the public is still in force. After years of being able to check things with the DTA system, I feel quite impotent by not being able to do simple things like check the throttle pot calibration, and check all the senders are working properly etc etc.


The only alternative is for me to trailer the car 30 miles each way each time I get a misfire which is not appealing....


Feel free to mail me offline!


I guess the other solution would be to sell the ECU and loom and start again with an Emerald or DTA.






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I know what you mean, the Emerald wasn't available with a 2.3 Duratec map when I ordered mine and so I reluctantly went for the Weber-Alpha. I then hit problems after start up and could do nothing but have the car trailered back to Webcon. *mad*


My old car had the Emerald which was great for going into and tweaking here and there as necessary. Think I will change to an Emerald next winter when there are a few more base maps available for my engine.


I really don't understand this policy of non release of software access codes. *mad*





R 417.39 😬

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When I had my workshop in Saxmundham I had the Webcon guy come around to discuss the possibility of selling Weber Alpha. The cost involved was not worth the effort. I told them at the time that they should make the software freely available but they were not interested.


I now use Emerald.



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Aldon is the nearest - The map is probably fine - it's a standard JPE engine with the map as supplied by swindon. What bugs me is that when things start to go wrong with fuel injection systems and ECU's, you start to get all sorts of weird symptoms. It takes 10mins of my time to check it all with a laptop with the old DTA system. It will take a trip to Aldon on the trailer, probably leaving the car there, spending a wad of money and collecting it again to find out what's wrong.


I think the answer is to take readings from all the senders and the throttle pot as a fall back for checking things if I have problems in the future, or ditching it for an emerald. My old DTA would have been fine except I don't think it supported flat shift (something I may explore in the future) and it's hard to ditch a system which at this time is working - a luxury that I do not underestimate!


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Thanks Mav, however, as I can't pull the map out of the Weber Alpha ECU, any mapping is going to have to start from scratch.


I've calmed down a bit now and as irritating as their policy is, I think I'm going to take some readings as described above so I can check the senders and throttle pot. I'll see how the car runs - I guess if the map is good, I can leave things alone for now.

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*thumbup* 😬

Don't forget to program it properly on the form - just tell it exactly what you want it to do!!

(Actually, some pics would be great - didn't manage to get any due to dispatch constraints!)


Big update!


80,000miles in 3 years plus


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