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Another Weber problem - Now Sorted


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OK I have the 7 booked in at the rollers next monday to sort this but there are just too many nice evenings begging me to go out for a blat so I want to fix this before then


My Zetec was running standard 1700 Supersprint carb set ups and I decided to change it for another jet and choke set up out of another Zetec just to see what it was like. I Put them in and it didn't seem much better so decided to change back to the original set up...Now it wont accelerate past about 3-3.5k rpm ☹️.

I have double checked everything but cannot find any difference to how the old set up was before, up to 3k seems ok then it sounds like a machine gun (sorry best description I could think of) and will not pull anymore.


Any ideas anyone, and yes I know I shouldn't have meddled in the first place....






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Just a thought (probably a really silly question) - do you have a rev limiter fitted to the car?

I once had a similar experience and it turned out to be a fault wth the limiter. I'd been playing with the carbs at the time and really thought it was a fuel related problem.






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If it's not the rev limiter... check you still have the fibre washers under the hats and that all the jets are in properly. Failing this check that the floats are ok. One sticking would cause such probs and check the venturi / chokes are not rattling about in there.


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Thanks everyone for the replies, will give me plenty of things to check.


Se7en Up,

The rev limiter is within the ECU so I can easily check that.

Steve & Grant,

Checked these items already but will definitely double check now.


No problem on the jets, it was worth a try! The set-up is now all as it was originally so it looks like I've missed something simple somewhere, will let you know how I get on though.


Thanks again,






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Now sorted!

MonkeyBoy (and a couple of Blatmails) got it on the head!.


Some thicko when they refitted the venturis (er that would be me then 😳) had not got the fuel feed lined up correctly, when I tightened up the set screw and nut the venturi had rotated and the screw had dropped to the side of the alignment hole and therefore cut the fuel off .


Sorted on Saturday (when I was supposed to be doing some work in the house 😳) and tested by a good blat to Curborough on Sunday. *thumbup* to Lorraine who suffered the Aeroscreen and I apologise for the fly splats (kept hearing a little "ouch" every so often as one hit).


Took it to the rollers yesterday as it was booked in and it made 143bhp at about 5500 (went in with 130).


Thanks everyone,



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