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14" to 13" speedo difference

red dave

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Sure it's been asked before


running on 13" rims for track days from 14" for road and the speedo seems to be alot faster on 13" rims


how much is the difference?

it can't be me just driving quicker or are my chances realy that good of running away with all the tropheys on Sunday *wink*


main worry speed cameras on way to track pass 3 *mad*



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hi dave


look here;



its not the rim size that matters, but the "rolling radius" of the tyre. when you increase or decrease you rim size, you have to do the opposite with the tyre sidewall size to maintain overall size the same.

put your tyre sizes in the calculator on the site above, and it will tell you the % difference.


see you Sunday, when you will wipe the floor with all-comers!!!!!!! *eek*

*cool* *cool* *cool*

ive got £10 on you to win the novice trophy...


GO DAVE! GO DAVE!! *thumbup*



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