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an angel

pete east

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A guy is walking down the steet and sees this man on the roof edge of a twenty storey building, As he is watching the man on the building throws himself off a comes hurtling down towards the pavement. The bloke can hardly bear to watch the impact but does so, Just before the jumper hits the deck he slows to a stop and gently alights on the pavement. The bloke rushes up and says I just saw what you did and it was amazing! How did you manage to stop before hitting the deck? the guy replies its simple, its just mind over matter. If you tell yourself you are not going to hit the deck you wont hit the deck, but you REALLy have to believe in yourself or you wont do it! The bloke says I do believe in myself and ill give it a try! The bloke gets up on the roof psyches himself up and giving the bloke on the ground the thumbs up which is given back he jumps! the bloke hits the deck at a collossal speed and is killed. The first jumper strolls up and looks down at the remains, and is joined by a second individual who says " You know Gabriel? for an angel you can be a right a*shole at times"
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