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Cylinder head aluminium welding


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Hi, looking to get a nice ported K Series aluminium cylinder head welded on one combustion chamber following valve/piston contact, any recommendations on someone who could do it?

It’s just the welding required.



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Hi Ed, I had some laser welding done on a 1937 aluminium sump last year, excellent work, and a brilliant method, but providers are few and far between and often busy. I used a guy in Boscastle down in Cornwall, he does a lot of work for F1 teams, but enjoys the occasional diversion to something different. You could always send it by courier. If its of interest PM me and I'll send his details.

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7 hours ago, Miker7 said:

Does welding affect the heat treatment of the head at all? I'm aware we are all concerned about them over heating and warping, welding will be a much higher temperature (but more localised).

Depends on the process. Tig doesn't introduce a lot of heat. Thermal shock is more the issue. If we weld anything serious we can pre heat it so the whole job is warm / hot to reduce thermal shock. Cylinder heads are designed to cope with quite serious explosions happening below them so are generally quite strong.

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