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Play in old style rack


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When I had my 80s short cockpit LA car MOT'd I was warned about play in the rack on the LHS.  The tester suggested where the track rod attaches.

I've been checking it out and the play is not lateral play but that the inner tube is loose in the outer tube of the rack.  Not sure of the source of the rack.  I have posted a picture of the inner and outer below.  Does anyone know whether this is serviceable and also what the rack came from originally.  Thanks!


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So I wonder if it has any servicable parts - bushes that might be worn that I can change?  It'll have to come out over the winter so I can see if it comes apart easily then.

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17 minutes ago, Wrightpayne said:

Haynes manuals for the era of car it was from tend to be a lot more explicit on how to strip / repair components. 

ah yes, good idea - ebay here we come!

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On 08/07/2024 at 07:08, Wrightpayne said:

There also seems to be videos on Youtube. I found one for a spitfire which should be the same.

I found and watched a video from some American dude.  How can you produce 30 mins of almost nothing?  Also his mechanical abilities were dire.  Trying to get a track rod end off the track rod without trying to undo the locknut - the clue's in the name!  And then trying to pull the boot over with long nosed pliers  No prizes for what happens when you use pointy pliers on a rubber boot!!

Anyway I have the Haynes manual with the info on taking apart and putting back together.  When I get it out over the winter I will see if it's remediable or whether just to get a replacement (or upgrade to a quicker rack)!

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8 minutes ago, john g said:

FYI … 1995, Live Axle, Xflow. When I had my rack repaired the chap who did it told me it was from an Austin 1100/1300. 

Which I think is the same as the Mini except for the length of the track rods. Graham's rack is definitely Triumph though

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