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Faulty MAP sensor


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I was looking forward to a nice run out on Sunday in my 360S.  Engine warmed up nicely and was just about to pull away when the engine died and couldn't be restarted.  AA man plugged in his OBD reader and it came up with error code P2226 Baro sensor.  Thinking it should be a simple fix I purchased a new sensor installed it and tried starting. Still no joy and my cheapo OBD reader is still giving the same error code.  
I have a few of questions:

1) Is the MAP sensor the one on the side of the intake manifold (Part no: Bosch 0 261 230 044)?  If not, where is it?

2) If you don't have direct access to the ECU is there another way to reset any error codes?

3) Has anyone had this problem before?

Thanks in anticipation.


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