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Weber filter backplate question...


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Bit of an obscure one, but I've had cause to change the chokes in my DCOE webers (crossflow).  This is simple.  4 nuts to undo that clamp the trumpet retaining tabs (on studs).  This is a rebuilt engine with refreshed carbs by a weber specialist.

Now the nuts are nylocs which certainly looks out of place.  Also one of the studs has come out rather than the nyloc undoing.  It's odd as the nyloc has undone a few turns then locked solid.  It will neither tighten nor loosen.

I have concluded that I need to get a replacement stud.  Now to the question.

Can anyone with webers look and see what nuts are used please?  I don't really like nylocs in this situation as they are always going to try and undo the studs.  I would imagine that it should have plain nuts and spring washers or other shakeproof  washers.

Clearly you don't want them to undo inside the air filters and end up going in!

This ebay ad implies plain nuts and spring washers.

Thanks Graham

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thanks all, I didn't find the exploded diagram on Webcon.

#5 how did you lockwire them?  I assume you used nuts with lockwire holes drilled?  Where did you lockwire to?

Also if one uses loctite then that'll really want to undo the stud as well, is that a problem?

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By all means use a plain nut and spring washer, but don't be surprised when something works loose and is ingested. Since the 1970s I have been using the following method.

Use a medium strength Loctite to fit the stud to the carb so it won't vibrate loose, then fit the trumpet, the trumpet retaining tab, and attach with a nyloc. It may look "out of place", but it's not visible when the filters are on. Whatever the situation, it will look less "out of place" than a destroyed engine.

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#10 I was more "worried" about the nylocs always taking the stud out than the "look" certainly Roger, but your description is quite compelling!

I think I need to get a new stud as I can't get the nyloc off it, then I'll put it back together with nylocs.

Any thoughts on what is the right medium strength Loctite compound to keep the stud in place?


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As per my other thread, it's all back together now.  I found that the threads on the errant stud were knackered so I put a new weber stud in it.  Interestingly there were a lot of differences in the studs that were in there.  Also the new one had a big shoulder, so needed a washer under the nut to allow it to be done up.

Several of the studs were short enough so that the nyloc was engaged, but it looked a bit marginal.  So it went back together with new nylocs plus loctite.  Should all be fine.

Thanks all for the help.

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