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For Sale PRICE DROP 13" Avon ZZS x4 6" and 8"


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£100 for four ZZS tyres!  Two 185/55/r13 and Two 215/55/r13. One of the rears was damaged when removed - see picture. Date codes in the pictures too. Fronts very legal,, rears I reckon are safely legal measuring approx 3mm on one and over 2mm on the other (the one with the most tread is the damaged one... obviously!) Diff was running open, hence the difference. I've switched to Toyos now so these need moving on. Stored correctly & in the dark. £100 for all four collected from Guiseley. Could poss arrange delivery at extra cost.IMG_20230815_133653.jpg.1ee6c5c71dcb6af9f126b6c95a9409f3.jpgIMG_20230815_133658.jpg.ca67acd2eafac1e578da7c15c55e051b.jpgIMG_20230815_133701.jpg.e497e80379317066e51b645d2bb52a1a.jpgIMG_20230815_133710.jpg.c7c08de39518334ccf801ee601097ad0.jpgIMG_20230815_133713.jpg.c5fb83a9891140982a55bdf77b8dc9e6.jpgIMG_20230815_133853.jpg.ea751d04fd13d564fca29e5083aa5c3d.jpgIMG_20230815_133705.jpg.a9b7daf706c50720c01d8b8db76fa2d8.jpgIMG_20230815_133914.jpg.8a6b713edaeb4a2b200d33d8b3652426.jpgIMG_20230815_133919.jpg.eaddef1fa9bc712ee17015d3781f42b3.jpgIMG_20230815_134347.jpg.bf47d4ce6dfc47a44edaca25d23b88b6.jpg

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