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Cycle wing stay broken - Fixable or replace


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My cycle wing stay broke through. Looking at Caterham car parts, none of the designs they show match my part (1996 VXi).

1st pic - broken rear leg.

2nd pic - stress crack coming on front leg.

3rd pic -  large additional web weld across the bend of the leg, which looks to be original. And it's this I can't find a match for in Caterham Car parts online store.

Should I ask my local garage to do a weld up job? Or will one of the new designs fit?

Cheers for any advice.





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I had mine welded by local garage many years ago, with the wing off and some protection it was done in situ. 
They had been cut down and welded previously and one joint failed but no reason why same approach should not work, think we put a bit of steel bar in the tube to help.

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