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Brantz rally trip meter


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 Brantz 2S rally meter. £195.

Has the remote reset button and power cable. New these are c. £300.

The International 2S Pro tripmeter has all the features of the International 2 Pro PLUS a third read-out showing either Current Speed or Average Speed. The Average Speed can be recalculated at any time, even on the move.
Triple Displays (Red LEDs ~ 15mm high)
- Total Distance
- Intermediate Distance
- Current Speed or Average Speed
Calibrated easily via push-wheel switches on the front of the unit
999.9 Maximum Total Distance (with adjustable decimal point: 00.00 or 000.0)
99.99 Maximum Intermediate Distance
999 Maximum Vehicle Speed / 99.9 Maximum Average Speed Display
Remote Zero Unit to operate the Intermediate Display - INCLUDED
Can be calibrated to read in Miles or Kilometers
Zero, Forward, Reverse and Freeze Buttons on the front face of the Meter. Plus a Stepper Knob - for manually increasing or decreasing the total distance travelled in case of corrections.
Suitable for BOTH Negative and Positive earthed vehicles.
Dimensions: 120 (140 inc mounting flanges) x 100 x 45
Supplied with: 1.2m Power Cable & 1.8m Sensor Cable
Will require a sensor (c.£30 from Brantz and power socket (or hard wire existing power cable into your vehicle).

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