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Yoko A008 reissues - anyone tried them?


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Yes, another thread on tyres *rotate*

Looking for some 185/70r13s and expecting to get RainExperts, but spotted that Yokohama have reissued the A008 in that size among others - the only threads I can find are all 20 years old, so I wondered if anyone had tried the new version? Bit more expensive but there's very few performance tyres in 185/70r13 these days.

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Yep had them on since May this year, including driving to the 40th Anniversary in dreadful conditions.  I was pleasantly surprised with the wet grip, but I was taking it easy.  They also cope well on the Essex blats.  Happy with my choice, but I wanted a period look, over the last word in grip and performance, and they have delivered that.

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