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sump gaurds


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I made a sump guard for my wet-sump R400D, using a design by James/Shortshift.  See the first item Jonathan's search list in #2.

I don't know of any commercially-available ones.

My K series is very low...

Have you got adjustable platforms?  If so, have you considered raising the ride height?


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The danger is the guard becomes the new lowest point. Any impact will be transferred to the chassis tubes. Consider raising the ride height and/or fitting stiffer springs. Check clearance with your (and passenger) weight in the car

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So I haven't had any issues and the sump is still intact with no scraps.

The car only has 1,850 mile on and was an ex academy car so the ride height and geo are as it was back in 2005/6 for the series.

I just feel that the clearance to the sump and the oil filter bracket/take off is low and want to add a little support if required.

I am designing something now so I will show some images when completed.


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I'd strongly recommend just raising it.  I originally planned to make the CSR sump guard as recommended on another thread, but instead just raised the car.  I now have a similar clearance to Jonathan (93mm with no driver, I live alone so cannot check with me sitting in the car!).

This is probably excessive, but I don't feel that I would ever notice the performance/handling loss for road use and I have more peace of mind.


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I'd suggest making sure you have adequate ground clearance rather than trying to fabricate a sump guard. The fitting of a guard immediately reduces your ground clearance and more importantly there are no points to attach it to that don't risk damage to the chassis. 

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