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SOLD Black Windscreen Surround and Stanchions S3

Mark Widdup2

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SOLD For sale in a black windscreen surround and stanchions. The screen is broken so could be used as a template to get one cut or ideal if you are going down the black pack route and swapping your screen. I bought this to black pack my car but its no longer needed now. Stanchions are anodised but I cant honestly tell whether the frame is anodised or has been painted. If painted its been done well but as I bought it secondhand I cant say definitively. One stanchions has a slight drill hole pictured but will touch up easily.£130 posted to UK lowlands or can be collected Colne, Lancs

IMG_4957.thumb.jpeg.e495f64aac4d21da98515339b98d167f.jpeg IMG_4958.thumb.jpeg.ee9fc4f6a16e9941665c6ed88ff28161.jpeg IMG_4959.thumb.jpeg.81f6bf96c464dc344bb0c1ea08ba7a4d.jpeg IMG_4960.thumb.jpeg.507b87b2a1fb05f5a535555d1241176e.jpeg IMG_4961_0.thumb.jpeg.7a5c91104368789261718095d256dfa1.jpeg IMG_4962_0.thumb.jpeg.c0d749e4ec262845deaa618e99fa6207.jpeg IMG_4963_0.thumb.jpeg.ed10297f3cb703bb9f8726df5795ba4f.jpeg

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