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BMW Diff - filler plug tightening?


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Hi everyone,

Having a bit of a clean up underneath my 1.6 Sigma Superport and one thing led to another and I've basically ended up removing just about everything from the propshaft back (not what I initially intended to do but there you go!).  Anyway, all's well thankfully but when the diff was out I loosened the filler plug (for fresh oil once refitted) and thought no more of it until I realised how close it is to the De Dion tube and I'm not going to be able to get a H14 socket in there to tighten.  It's finger tight now, but whats the trick - is it to grind down a H14 allen key or equivalent to fit or is there a easier way?

Thanks all,



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Many thanks all - makes sense,  will have a go moving the axle stands in the first instance to see if that increases clearance - think I've read something that the De Dion does have movement so fingers crossed!  Thanks again everyone for responding :-)

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