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Front cycle wing


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My near side front cycle wing flew off on track recently, I have a replacement but can someone point me in the direction on how to install the thing, it's on a 2022 Academy Car, looks a combination of some kind of glue and rivet?


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The modern approach is to severely roughen up the wing stays and the underside of the wing where it will fix and use lots of silicone adhesive (Tigerseal, Sikaflex - someone more experienced will be along for the right Sikaflex compound).

I suggest you roughen up a good 25<30mm either side of the stay so there is plenty of adhesion.  Be generous with the silicone.

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"Here's the current approach recommended by CC that I used on my car : Link"

That's good on preparation, and I suspect that poor preparation causes more failures than anything else.

I would add:

1 Sandwich or sausage roll. I prepared the entire surface of the stay, not only the top. I then applied a sausage roll in one step, rather than a sandwich and then a sausage roll. This is because the likely failure mode is peeling at an interface, and this way there are fewer interfaces.

2 Choice of adhesive. Lots of suggestions in the archives, eg from 2021. "There are probably more recommendations in the archives for Sikaflex 221 and Tiger Seal than for anything else. "

3 Make sure that all of the bits are warm.


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