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Impact of using a windscreen at Gurston?


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Weather forecast is looking very changeable at the weekend and so was thinking of fitting the windscreen for Gurston at the weekend so I can use my half hood.  Usually it would be fine, but sitting in the paddock at the top of the hill in heavy rain isn't something I'm looking forward to!

Given the track layout and my general lack of skill meaning I'm not searching for the odd tenth here and there, what do you reckon about the impact of having the screen on?  I guess there is a impact on acceleration from the additional aero drag up the final straight to the finish.  Given the speed I can't imagine there will be much impact to the first corner.

Worth putting the screen and doors in the car ? 

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Hi Andy,

At this stage I will scoff at the idea of a windscreen and hood!!!

But in the top paddock in the poring rain on Sunday afternoon I may change my mind  *rofl*

Seriously, the forecast will probably change 10 times between now and Sunday, so I wouldnt' panic.

We will see


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if the weather is that bad (and met currently saying only 50% of  light shower) then grip will be the biggest factor not any aero deficit from a windscreen.

It is more of a power hill (and bravery at first kink) anyways

Now do I bring the 10 year old wets or not*wobble*

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