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Clubman entries at Curborough Sprint Aug. 27th

Comp Sec

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copy of post to chitchat

A reminder to members especially with older 7s that our club sprint , which is part of our Northampton Motorsport sponsored speed championship, is also also open to clubman entries (members of the club not part of the speed championship with a qualifying 7 (classes 1-7, and H) with a suitable Motorsport UK license ) Regs are available in the competitors section of the club website.

Class H is for Any Lotus or Caterham Seven manufactured between 1957 & 1976 complying with the relevant speed sections of the Motorsport UK General Regulations applicable to Period Defined Vehicles (Non-Rally). Ths is not a class run in the speed championship , it would be great to see some of these older models at Curborough.

If anyone is thinking about joining us and has questions, pls reach out to me at compsec@caterhamlotus7.club

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