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Filling Type 9 Gearbox


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Well, the time has come...and I'm not looking forward to it.

Looking at the archives, my choices seem to be struggle with the filler plug and a hose or take the top off. 

I have not yet fixed the ally tunnel cover in place over the back of the gearbox, so I do have some access to get to the top cover, but it still looks very difficult to get under the bulkhead and get the 10 bolts off.  And knowing my luck bits of 20 year old gasket will crumble and fall into the gearbox when I lift off the lid.

So I think I'm going to loosen off the engine and g'box mounts and push the gearbox as far over to the drivers side as possible to get to the filler plug.  On my imperial chassis, I have a chassis diagonal right over the plug, so there is no drilling a hole in the footwell. 

Could someone tell me the largest OD size of hose that will fit in the filler plug hole please?  Also, would one of these on the g'box end of the hose help or will it make it harder to manoeuvre the hose into the filler hole?

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Thanks #2 - I thought I'd done an exhaustive search, but I hadn't seen that page.  However, I am familiar with the options. 

I like the idea of the access hole, but, I must say, it "feels" as if the plug is directly behind the diagonal.  Perhaps it isn't?  The pic on the web page suggests that the hole is drilled in the "V" between the vertical and the rear angled diagonal.  Is that the general experience for a 1999 non-race imperial chassis?

I have cut down an allen key but when I was feeling around under the car yesterday I couldn't even get the short end to engage in the filler plug - and it does fit - I checked and loosened the filler while the g'box was out of the car.  (I also kept the cut off end.)

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Thanks #4.  I did remember to loosen the plug before putting the gbox back in the car so I can turn it with fingers at the moment.

Is the diameter of the filler hole the same as the diameter of the plug all the way into the box?  I'd like to get the largest diameter hose possible for easier oil flow.

I do have a Machine Mart  / Clarke oil syringe which I could use, but the hose has a thick wall and isn't very flexible...

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#5 I'd like to get the largest diameter hose possible for easier oil flow.

I used a funnel and 7mm O/D nylon tube to fill my 6-speed box:


Of course, the filler plug on the 6-sp is a lot more accessible, but I imagine your oil will be a similar viscosity?   Patience and pre-warmed oil are your friends!



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I use a 35 year old bottle that has a tube going to the bottom so as you squeeze it, it forces the oil up. I've bought some nylon tube, an elbow and brass bulkhead fitting to replicate it - I made one for Tazio (as he was always borrowing mine) and it works perfectly for the sierra diff and gearbox...

IMG_0392.jpeg.753eebadacf0b25ccb2e3ecd414cd35f.jpeg IMG_0391.jpeg.fbf6ca9c2a21aff553222b53bbd1e273.jpeg

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Ive just been through this process for the first time and had the same problems as you re the cut down Allen key with angles been slightly wrong and not been able to locate it in the plug. In the end the answer was to cut a 15mm length off a 10 mm allen key (sounds short but all that would fit on my metric chassis). Then gently round of one end with the dremill and soften the ridges on the Allen key a little so that it would insert at a slight angle. Then use an open ended spanner.

Oil extraction and refill was using a syringe oil thing that screwfix sell which worked well for both.




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OK - that's superb chaps.  Lots of food for thought.  Most importantly, it looks doable without resorting to taking the lid off the box.

I'll try a combination of the methods above by buying some tubing and an elbow and aim to fill by gravity through a funnel from above.  I hate getting under cars, even on axle stands and I think I can get the plug out with my hands by reaching across from the driver's side and then hopefully feed a tube in from above simialr to #6 with the help of an assistant.

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  • Area Representative

Not sure what information on you are after. Do you mean filler/level plug? If so chassis has nothing to do with it. Type 9 Ford gearbox usually requires 10mm cut down Allen key although there are a few plugs with a square recess. 

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Good news.  I've managed to get the filler out and back in again...just. 

Bad news.  I don't think the access hole solution is an option for me - my plug is directly behind a chassis diagonal.  There is a finger width clearance between the back of the plug and the diagonal when reinserting.

#11 asked for the size of the filler. It's 21mm in diameter. I'll probably try some 12mm or 16mm OD pipe.  I guess it is a balance between a wide enough bore for reasonable flow, but narrow enough to easily navigate bends...

20230710_205042.thumb.JPG.f2daa2e49afc264986a7fe50794dce1b.JPG 20230710_205142.thumb.JPG.a1343413669e5dbfaf3deb311b5ec60c.JPG 20230710_205148(1).thumb.JPG.37bd5e7c608b813f4bad4a1b595d6726.JPG

Also, the depth of the hex socket is just over 8mm, so the cut down allen key does not need to have a straight section any longer than that.

This might be of help to others...time to head to fleabay for some piping etc...

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