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Girling brake master cylinder rebuild queries


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I’ve taken my Girling brake master cylinders apart to inspect and rebuild with new seal kits.

The bores have a few glazed spots that I’d ideally give a light hone to clean up however I can’t find a honing tool for sale that goes less than 18mm diameter. My master cylinders are 0.625” (15.9mm) and 0.7” (17.8mm). Any one know of one that’ll go down to that size?

Secondly my M/C pistons have some surface finish marring. They’re still smooth to the touch and are not scored. Reckon they’ll be ok to re-use?


7177C0AE-83EC-4D7D-B13E-F0EF16D8946F.thumb.jpeg.cbfcd89486bab3910c842a641cb4a5b4.jpeg 4A669C32-D785-41F2-A7CB-CB1861E38A93.thumb.jpeg.96d91f4b2ad75e53d699bacf1e28e742.jpeg B714CA99-DE5F-4B0C-A380-D9B5B430B552.thumb.jpeg.6c4eebb876ec99550f094e26c4539e32.jpeg D78408BE-B50D-487D-9C06-320A9B0B12B9.thumb.jpeg.e9fe9096a98d7ae5fa715f92a161c3f1.jpeg

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