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SOLD S-Type leather seats for SV (pair) £600


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I have a pair of S-type leather seats from an SV available.

These are 59,000 miles and 18 years old, but were reconditioned 8 or 9 years ago (I forget which).

Frames are good, leather is good, padding is good, plastic squab bases have minor cracks but don't wander. Runners are movable (but not what you'd call "freely") but rusty. 18 years in an open car with carpets will do that...

One of the upper rivnuts in one runner (that the seats bolt into) is loose, but they're not hard to dremel out and replace. I did exactly this with another one a couple of years back, you can see the witness marks in the picture.

Only one seat is pictured here as the other is in a box, I can dig it out if essential.

With runners these are £925 per seat new from Caterham; you can collect the pair from Sheffield for £600, or I'll consider splitting at £350 per seat if no-one wants the pair.

Postage would be... "interesting", given their size when boxed, but I can investigate options for serious enquiries.

Posting here for club members first, before potentially posting to Facebook marketplace in a week or three if no takers.

IMG_9885.thumb.jpeg.c04a1da38cce8745b09777fdc6fa2f1e.jpeg IMG_9886.thumb.jpeg.8eadd32203b775a11af1cae66d30b186.jpeg IMG_9887.thumb.jpeg.f59b1d872dca45237e25261541dc58c8.jpeg IMG_9888.thumb.jpeg.6ee9ecebc5753e270b9f8dceaa851836.jpeg IMG_9889.thumb.jpeg.c3f56ecdff489936370cd5a1114f7cb6.jpeg IMG_9891.thumb.jpeg.794b0ae21e01f835c5ea2eadba4b40eb.jpeg IMG_9892.thumb.jpeg.bd079569a2f3daf99c06f7196968221f.jpeg IMG_9893.thumb.jpeg.8ac34ed961a4751cb7c80c5603b3a251.jpeg

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