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Copper wire cleaner

Paul Craddock

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Can anyone recommend a cleaner to remove the black oxidation on (old) copper wires.  I'm reassembling a '95 S3 and need to re-do a lot of the connectors both crimp and soldered.  The loom, being nearly 30 years old, is showing typical signs of age but the insulation and copper are good. 

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Makes a solution of vinegar and baking soda, leave end dipped in it for 20 mins and hey presto 

alteratively use the black domestos Max toilet cleaner which is also good for getting the tarnish off exhausts prior to polishing 

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Cant you just give the ends a quick rub down with very fine wet & dry paper before crimping?  Just a twist in a piece of pinched paper should clear any oxidation shouldn't it? Or cut the small amount of old exposed wire and restrip a fresh bit?   There is usually some surplus in most of the wiring runs in my experience.

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