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Is this silencer repackable?


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I need to repack my CSR200's silencer.  I bought packing material but having removed it from the car this evening, I am not sure it is repackable.  It has six button head bolts at the inlet end, which I have removed.

I assumed that the outer is an interference fit with the end cap at the exhaust end. However, despite my best efforts with a big mallet, it shows no sign of moving at all and using brute force is going to damage it.

The exhaust is not the original one, based on the sticker on it (car is from 2005, exhaust from 2008).  Is this actually not repackable?

silencer1.thumb.jpg.e644dc097ac1335b402243dc9510ba13.jpg silencer2.thumb.jpg.61b73a8ad2e10a1db618348f3589e624.jpg silencer3.thumb.jpg.421b5d8fbd3eb49a86df5e3fd5f27b72.jpg

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Hi Ben, that's the same as mine. You can separate it, you just need to get a bit more heavy handed.

Hold the exhaust vertically with the tailpipe facing up and, whilst holding the large diameter of the silencer, hit the end that connects connects to the cat onto a block of wood on the floor.

Brutal process at first, but once dislodged it will come apart easily.

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