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Captive nut suggestions for new battery bracket


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Hi all

Looking for advice please.

I just bought a JWM PS-12 battery for my 7. It was suggested that I secure the bracket to the thin sheet metal where the Banner tray was with some kind of captive nut that you install with a special tool.

Can anyone point me in a direction where I might find something - or perhaps suggest a different solution?

I have to be honest my instinct is to bolt it and put generous washers underneath to minimise vibration.



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I'd not be using rivnuts to hold a battery in.  They are good, but to my mind not for something safety critical that has mass like a battery.  if you can get bolts in from underneath (by removing the battery tray) that you can hold to tighten that would be much better.

One of my pet peeves is aftermarket batteries in 7s with shoddy bodged battery trays!

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It really depends which way the loads will be, in a front end shunt you would be mostly putting the bolts in shear ( I.e across the bolt) , if the battery was mounted to the vertical bulkhead then you would be relying on the rivnuts not pulling out of the bulkhead in which case they are likely to come out. Wilts the tillets you have a driver and a seat belts holding the seat down too


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Thanks for the replies all. For some reason Blatchat doesn't nag me that there have been replies.

Having not seen a lot of this I went ahead with 4 x rivnuts. 


I fitted the isolation switch and accessory socket a while back so had to work around them but things are not as tight as they look.

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