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How do I remove water marks from my R400D carbon-fibre dash?

John Vine

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Motoring north through France recently, I got caught in a humongous storm - monsoon rain, hail etc.  I managed to pull into a factory entrance where the staff took pity on me and waved me into their warehouse.  As expected, there were lots of photos taken, and lots of questions asked: What is it? How fast does it go? What engine?

The upshot is that my C/F dash got a thorough soaking, and has sprouted white water marks:

Dash--watermarks_20230624_1.thumb.jpg.9441ad0bfcde0261474955aacceaa08a.jpg Dash--watermarks_20230624_2.thumb.jpg.a738fedc6b9e8a779310d6c8e42623ab.jpg

Treatment seems to include WD40, Wood Silk polish and Autoglym Resin polish.  I've got those on the shelf, but what would work best?  The dash already displays a creditable patina (which doesn't bother me), but those spots are plain unsightly.


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Well, I wiped off the WD40 this morning, and I'm pretty pleased with the results:


The original marks are just about discernible, but only from certain angles.  A bonus is that the bloom on the switches has also disappeared.

So, patina restored (if that's not a contradiction in terms).


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