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JAL rear light swap, a couple of questions.

Peter G

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Evening gents. Just fitting JAL rear LED lights. Just the card and cable. I've got the wiring terminals right, but how do you get the terminals out of the existing male socket? And I see that the lens cover retaining screws fix to the original galv backplate, so with the new card in place how does the lense get fitted? Do I put the new card on top of the old galv backplate after stripping off the old bulb holders etc?


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Indeed I did. But having had to butcher the backplates to use them again to use the lens cover screws attached to the original backplate there's no way I'll now be retrofitting. Had new econoseals with the kit I bought which needed the terminals feeding though to the right place. Not quite plug and play but not too difficult. 

Next, LED headlamps!

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