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GPS speedo recommendation

Terry Field

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Having recently been done for speeding ( first time ever!) I am getting nervous about the accuracy of my speedo. 
Unless someone has a simple way of calculating the real speed of the car, can anyone recommend a screen mounted gps unit? Preferably rechargeable.

Demon Tweeks do one for about £89 which is wee bit pricey, but if it works well it may save the next fine.

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You can check the accuracy of the Seven's speedometer at any speed of interest with an app on a smart 'phone. (Much easier than the old way of using roadside distance posts.) Probably best done with an accomplice in the passenger seat.

Once you've done that you can adjust the speedometer to read what you want. Some people seem to like spot-on, other +10%. The method of adjusting varies with the type of speedometer. If all else fails you can add marks to the gauge using Letraset.

If I were to use a dedicated device it would be a smart 'phone.


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just use Waze all the time. it'll warn you about speed cameras that you're approaching and the odd mobile speed camera that people have crowdsourced. it can be set to warn you if you're speeding and it'll show what the speed limit is, not what you think it is.

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