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On Woodbridge station car park 15th June


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Guilty as charged TC. Went on to spend the latter part of the afternoon in Aldeburgh and had fish and chips.  While we were in the queue I spotted an sv without doors pull up across the road.  Missed who got out but reckon they might have joined the queue not far behind us. Walked along high street after eating our chips and noticed a grey with orange stripe 310s parked up and a bit further a black and ali 7. Then passed a yellow 7 as we headed west from Thorpeness.  Any of them you?

Loving the weather and the roads on our first visit to Suffolk *clap*

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Unfortunately not travelling in the Seven, just on holiday for a few days at Carleton Meres near Saxmundham. The boss doesn't fancy more than 2 days away with the Seven and anyway it's a lot of motorway miles from Blackpool. We too are enjoying the super weather. 

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Thanks TC. It's actually a vinyl wrapped ex academy roadsport.  Went to look at a riviera blue one at Turn7 a couple of years ago and couldn't fit in the tillets and Callum had just got it in. Always fancied an orange 7 and it was clearly meant to be. 

Really enjoyed Suffolk and Norfolk and the weather a real bonus.  Great drive down across the Lincolnshire Wolds from The Yorkshire Wolds.  Only grim bit is section round King's Lynn with so many lorries. 

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